Atomic-resolution imaging of size-selected platinum clusters on TiO2(110) surfaces
J. Chem. Phys. 131 (16), 164707, October 2009
Submitted to Cluster Science: 1 December 2009
Last Update: 6 January 2011

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Size-selected Ptn (n=4,7–10,15) clusters were deposited on TiO2(110)−(1×1) surfaces and imaged at atomic resolution using an ultrahigh-vacuum scanning tunneling microscope with a carbon nanotube tip. Clusters smaller than Pt7 lay flat on the surface with a planar structure and a planar-to-three-dimensional transition occurred at n=8 for Ptn clusters on TiO2. However, both Pt8 and Pt9 had two types of geometric structures. The geometric structures depend strongly on the number of atoms in the deposited cluster possibly because of the differences in binding energies in different-sized clusters and different degrees of interaction with the surface. We obtained atomic-resolution images of size-selected clusters on surfaces for the first time, enabling the identification of atomic alignments in the clusters on the surface.


Document Type experimental
Research Field Chemical Reactivity